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Frequent questions


We do our best to pack and ship orders as quickly and carefully as possible using plastic-free and recyclable packaging. Normally this usually takes a maximum of 3 days but it depends on the volume of incoming orders. In strong times such as Christmas or the launch, it is quite possible that it will take a little longer.

The shipping times indicated in the box are from the moment the orders are deposited in the Post Office . If you're in a hurry or would like to know when yours will come out, you can write to us on Instagram and we'll look at it for you.

National Shipments (Peninsula and islands)

All orders within the peninsula are sent with the Post Office through Sendcloud as a package with tracking. The price is calculated at the checkout according to your address. You will receive your tracking number by mail or by phone once your order has been shipped. If you do not receive it, you can write to us without problem and we will send it to you again. Remember to be aware of your follow-up that sometimes the order ends at the Post Office to be picked up and no notification of it arrives. If an order is returned to us because it has not been picked up and you want us to send it back to you, you will have to pay the shipping costs again.

Please remember that shipping times are always an estimate and although they usually arrive within the indicated times, there may be exceptions.

For shipments to the Islands, Ceuta and Melilla, the procedure is the same, except that the orders are sent as a registered letter. Remember that depending on where you live you may have to pay customs fees. Customs are from the Ministry of Economy and Finance and we cannot be responsible for possible payments to be made.

International deliveries

All international orders are sent with the Post Office as a registered letter with tracking. Some EU countries as package with tracking. Shipping costs are calculated at checkout based on your address and the weight of your order.

Depending on where you live, your order can take between 3 and 30 days, sometimes longer if it has to go through customs.

I know this is not ideal but you will have to wait at least 30 days to make a claim if your order does not arrive. (Don't worry, they usually arrive very well and quickly in the vast majority of cases). You can track your package using the tracking that will come to you by mail or by phone. In some countries, tracking stops working once you cross the border. In these cases we simply have to wait for it to arrive. You can also make sure that your address is correct, that a neighbor has not accepted it, or contact your local post office to see if they can locate it from there.

You can track your shipment HERE



We can accept returns in 14 days or less from receipt of the order. In the rare event that you want to return your order, in perfect condition, you can simply put it back in its box and send it to the following address:

Sarah Doyle
Apt Post Office 2032
C/ Tortola 27
18014 Granada

You are responsible for the corresponding shipping costs and we recommend that you do so using a trackable service since we cannot refund you until the return package arrives nor take responsibility for losses.

As soon as it arrives we will make the refund, which may take a few days to appear depending on your bank or payment method. The refund will be made from the price of the products returned without the first shipment.

If you need to make a return because your order has arrived damaged, please write to us at anniesfingers@gmail.com and we will solve it in no time.


In the small workshop we mainly use methacrylate and sometimes wood to make the pieces of jewelry. Even the smallest holes in the methacrylate sheets are used for the zero waste earrings and then we recycle everything possible in our workshop to make new sheets for the recycled pieces. Come on, there is hardly anything left over! You can see more about these processes on our Instagram and TikTok. (@anniesfingers)

Virtually all the metals used for earrings, necklaces and so on are stainless steel bought in Spain. They should not give you anything allergic but if you have any specific needs you can write to us and we will discuss the possibilities. In each product description comes the material used for that model.


Our pieces are made to last a lifetime and longer with the help of very easy minimal care.

Do not use perfumes, aftershaves or any other type of spray on your jewelry, especially if it contains pieces of mirror as it will damage it. Put on your little things before putting on the necklace or earrings.

You can clean the surface of your pieces with a microfiber cloth or any soft, dry cloth. Never clean your pieces with alcohol or acetone as it can affect the shine of the methacrylate or erase the painted details. Be very careful to use a clean cloth as any shards could scratch your piece.

Try not to store your necklaces hanging, better flat in a box for example, since the chains can end up giving way over time.

Do not store your pieces in the bathroom or other humid places as the humidity can damage them. Although nothing happens if they get wet, you can simply dry them, but it is not recommended that they be exposed to water much more than an unexpected splash.

In the event of an accident and you need to paste a loose piece you can contact us but if you dare to fix it yourself it is quite simple. For plain colored pieces you can use any Hasulith-type jewelry glue. DO NOT use this glue on mirror or iridescent pieces , for these better a softer glue like E6000+. Simply clean the area well and with a few drops of the corresponding glue it should be perfect. Let your piece dry 24 hours just in case.

If you need help to fix your piece, we offer a repair service that will have a cost but will ensure a perfect repair so that you can continue enjoying your piece for many more years. You just have to pack your piece carefully and safely with a note indicating your name and an email where to contact you attached. If you can write to us before sending it indicating the problem, we will appreciate it. You can send your piece to this address:

Sarah Doyle
Apt Post Office 2032
C/ Tortola 27
18014 Granada
For any questions, problems or simply to tell us something, you can contact us using the contact page, via Instagram or by email: anniesfingers@gmail.com